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March 2020 Archives

Know your embezzlement defense options

An embezzlement charge can impact just about every area of your life. Many people tend to focus on the criminal sentences they might face, but this is only one spot that you need to consider. For example, even before you're convicted, just being charged can negatively affect your reputation. We know that this is a serious matter for you, and we're here to help you with your defense strategy.

How can an attorney help your criminal case?

If authorities recently charged you with a crime, you can understandably feel overwhelmed, confused and alone. They may have already made you feel guilty even before your trial begins, and you may wonder whether a jury will see your situation the same way.

Restitution vs fines in criminal justice cases

A person who is facing a criminal case usually has to think about several sentencing options that the court might invoke. These include incarceration, fines and restitution. Most people understand those first two, but they may have some questions about the third.

Know your options for fighting a drug charge

Facing drug crimes requires you to think carefully about the goal of your defense. For some, this is that they want to fight the charges in a quest to be found not guilty. In others, the goal is to minimize the penalties the person faces. When we know which one you have set for your case, we can help you learn about the defense strategy options that might benefit you.

Drug charges, felonies and the stigma that comes with them

Drug charges are serious matters because they often have far-reaching impacts. You might not realize how much your life can change if you're facing one of these charges. It is imperative to understand some points about drug convictions and how they might affect your life.

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