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Drug charges, felonies and the stigma that comes with them

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Drug charges are serious matters because they often have far-reaching impacts. You might not realize how much your life can change if you’re facing one of these charges. It is imperative to understand some points about drug convictions and how they might affect your life.

One thing to remember is to find out what type of charge you’re facing. If it is a felony, you need to think carefully about your future. If you’re convicted of a felony or plead guilty to one, you’ll be branded a felon for life. This means that you might not have the job opportunities you need, and you’ll lose some other rights.

Some people don’t realize that a felony conviction can even have an impact on their ability to volunteer to help improve the community. Many volunteer programs, especially those that have to do with kids or the elderly, will ask about your felon status. Having to check the box that says you’re a felon can mean that you can’t work for an agency for free in a bid to help your community.

Unfortunately, society as a whole looks down on felons. Television shows that let the public see how people can rehabilitate and change for the better might be making a difference, but the stigma largely remains.

Drug charges might also impact your ability to get financial aid for you to go to school to better yourself. There is also a chance that your conviction might bar you from getting your dream job. Because of how serious some life impacts are, you should carefully consider your defense strategy and what it means for your future.

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