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April 2018 Archives

Scheduled drugs uncovered in Ohio home, leading to felony charges

Seeing police officers at one's doors may be overwhelming and give people the impression they must answer every question posed to them, but this is not the case. When someone is under suspicion for committing a crime, they have rights they can exercise, including the right to remain silent and they should consider availing them, as even innocuous questions like 'who's room is this' can end up being significant.

What constitutes bribery?

There is often a thin line between staying within the confines of the law and breaking it. If one is not sure where the line is, it can be quite easy to commit a crime that one was not even aware. For example, getting favorable treatment from someone is not a crime unless that treatment was the result of an award or payment. Bribery, as it is known, are actions that are intended to influence or alter the actions of someone else. It differs from extortion in that bribery offers a positive reward whereas extortion revolves around negative acts for compliance.

What constitutes probable cause?

Much has been said about there being constitutional guarantees for people suspected of committing a crime, and that there must be probable cause before someone can be arrested. But, what does this mean for Ohio residents?

Beware of that stock tip, you could be accused of insider trading

Are you among the millions of people across the country, including many here in Ohio, who wish they could go back in time and invest in companies like AT&T, Google or Microsoft before those companies hit it big? If only you could find a company that could explode on the stock market the way those companies did, you could retire in style, and maybe even early.

Alleged drug ringleader has history of run-ins with law

It is an unfortunate reality of the criminal justice system that once someone has a brush in with police authorities, they find themselves in the crosshairs again and again, whether or not the original charges were dropped. If an individual even has misdemeanor charges against them, they might find themselves the target of repeated questioning by the police everything they suspect something is afoul. This is why it is important to fight drug crimes charges aggressively from the onset.

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