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Assertive Representation In State & Federal Court

Why Federal Charges Are Different

Drug offenses can be charged either at the state level or in federal court. There are multitudes of federal laws on the books that, generally speaking, are written to address more severe charges, including felonies. Sometimes these drug charges are more severe than violent crime charges. Federal drug charges are tried in the United States District Court by the United States attorney’s office instead of a local district attorney, county attorney or state attorney.

Based in Cincinnati but serving individuals in the surrounding area here in Ohio, the law firm of Arenstein & Gallagher has over 60 years of criminal law experience. We are lawyers who often work drug cases at the federal level and understand that these severe charges have life-changing implications to individuals and their families that can include long mandatory minimum sentences in a federal penitentiary. It is preferable to avoid federal court, but we fight for you regardless of the setting, ensuring that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law as we work toward the best possible outcome.

Why Some Cases Got To Federal Court

There are a variety of circumstances in drug charges that will push a case into the federal courts:

  • Federal agents ran the investigation
  • There may be other charges
  • The U.S. attorney’s office wants to be involved
  • The size of the drug distribution conspiracy
  • Drug manufacturing was involved
  • Issues of cooperation with the local police or lack thereof
  • The quantity or type of drugs involved
  • Ties to larger drug organizations
  • The involvement guns or other weapons
  • Quality and quantity of evidence generated from the investigation

You Need The Right Team On Your Side

Many of the federal laws are designed to prosecute major drug cartels and other multistate criminal organizations. However, federal sentencing is often levied upon individuals who have complicated personal histories. Our firm’s top priority is defending your constitutional rights. Federal prosecutors enjoy greater amounts of resources and more manageable caseloads than local and state attorneys, but we can analyze every aspect of your case to defend you against these accusations with our own substantial resources and considerable experience.

We Are The Federal Drug Defense Attorneys Who Fight For You

Federal cases often involve a lengthy legal process. However, it is always best to start building your case as soon as possible. Call our office in Cincinnati to schedule a consultation. We can come to you regardless of whether it is day, night or a weekend. You can also use our Contact page to reach us.