Legal Support When You Need It Most

A criminal charge in Ohio carries wide-ranging consequences. There will be court fees and, for many, imprisonment. Individuals may also find their driver's licenses revoked and their reputations ruined. Indeed, after court proceedings are over, even individuals acquitted of any wrongdoing often feel they have been punished.

This is why it is crucial to find an attorney who can protect your reputation and your rights. To this end, the lawyers at Arenstein & Gallagher can help. Serving in Cincinnati, we have more than 60 years protecting individuals against criminal charges in both state and federal court. We understand the law. We understand how to find weaknesses in the prosecution. We know what it takes to achieve favorable results.

Defending Against A Full Spectrum Of Criminal Charges

Our firm has earned a reputation for successfully assisting clients in a full spectrum of criminal matters, including:

  • OVI/DUI charges — Even first-time offenders face fines of up to $1,000, as well as time in jail. In many cases, we are able to reduce the charges and penalties.
  • White collar crimes — Drawing on our extensive experience in federal court, we provide knowledgeable and effective counsel in matters stemming from fraud, money laundering, insider trading and other considerations.
  • Drug crimes — We offer assertive defense against allegations of possession, distribution, manufacturing, conspiracy and related offenses.
  • Sex offenses — Sexual offenders face an array of legal punishments and social stigmas. Discrete and thorough, our lawyers can provide a staunch defense to protect you.
  • Habeas corpus and appeals — A decision in district court does not have to be final. We know how to challenge the court system and earn favorable verdicts for the clients we represent.