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Record Sealing And Expungement Services

We all make mistakes that are better off forgotten. The state of Ohio understands that a criminal record is not only a document of past indiscretions, it can also impact future opportunities for employment, or to seek acceptance into a school or professional organization. The state allows certain qualifying individuals to apply to have convictions permanently sealed and removed from their record. It is typically a one-time opportunity that is not available to repeat offenders.

The right lawyer can be a tremendous asset in helping guide individuals through this process. The Cincinnati expungement attorneys at Arenstein & Gallagher can assist with either expungement or to seal records. While sealing a record can hide it from certain law enforcement agencies as well as employers and schools, an expungement strikes the conviction from your record as if it never existed. We can work with clients to determine what is feasible and determine a strategy for achieving those legal goals.

Crimes That Do Not Qualify For Expungement Or Sealing

There are certain crimes where sealing or expungement is not an option.

  • Any conviction when the offender is subject to a mandatory prison term
  • Rape or other unlawful sexual conduct
  • Motor vehicle crimes and traffic offenses (for the most part), including DUI
  • Any misdemeanor of the first degree where the victim was under 18 (except for child support)
  • Any felony where the victim was under 18 (except for child support)
  • Any felony of the first degree or second degree
  • Bail forfeitures in traffic cases

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