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What are drug manufacturing and cultivation charges?

Many may believe that possession and sale of drugs are illegal in Ohio, but manufacturing and cultivation of drugs, such as marijuana and methamphetamine is also considered a punishable offense, with the production of marijuana being a Schedule I offense.

Drug manufacturing takes place when anyone is knowingly involved in any step, from cultivating or producing, of the illicit drug process. If the drug is question is marijuana, then they become guilty of the illegal cultivation of marijuana. Since it is considered a crime under both federal and state law, the penalties are quite severe.

Facing charges of mortgage fraud

Fraud may be a word that conjures up images of high financiers with coats over their heads trying to avoid the press and the throng of angry investors. You may not consider the overstatement on a resume or the omission on a tax return to be forms of fraud, especially since they don't seem to do any harm.

However, there are numerous misrepresentations that may seem minor but are, in fact, federal crimes. Mortgage fraud is one example, but it involves a variety of schemes and often sophisticated networks of participants.

Two facing drug and child endangerment charges

Drug charges on their own can have serious consequences if a conviction ensues, but if there are children present when the alleged drug trafficking or abuse is taking place, it may result in additional charges.

This is the situation that arose in Ohio recently when two people were arrested in their apartment on a number of charges. According to agents, they were executing a search warrant when they found a 23-year-old woman, 24-year-old man and two young children in the premises. Additionally, they allegedly found drug and drug paraphernalia in the apartment.

Are corporate crimes and white collar crimes the same?

The terms "corporate crime" and "white collar crimes" are both used interchangeably as they are both non-violent crimes related to some financial activity. Additionally, the type of charges are often similar, including but not limited to, embezzlement, fraud, bribery and money laundering. There are some key differences between the two that revolve around who benefits from the crime and who pays for it. These differences are very important to understand for Ohio residents facing criminal charges.

As mentioned in previous posts here, white collar crimes are those that are not dependent on the threat of violence, but instead on conceit and violation of trust. The motivation behind these crimes is to get a financial advantage and the advantage does not have to be limited to money. It could be related to goods, services or financial instruments.

Can I appeal my drug crimes conviction?

Many Ohio residents convicted on criminal charges may not realize it, but it is possible certain errors took place while their criminal case was going through the legal system. When these errors do not have a substantial effect on the result at trial or affect the defendant's substantial rights, they are known as harmless errors. However, when the error was not harmless, it could become the grounds for an appeal to an appellate court.

An appeal on the ground of a plain error taking place is a ground for appeal. A plain error is an error that affects the defendant's substantial rights. It does not have to be brought up during the trial to be availed at a later time. However, it is also possible that an experienced attorney brought it to the court's attention by raising an objection. One common example of a plain error is a miscalculation of a sentence. It is also possible to have a verdict or ruling overturned on the basis of a plain error.

Hundreds of money laundering charges for father, daughter

It takes years for hardworking individuals to create a name for themselves in business circles and establish themselves as competitive and reputable businesses. All of the hard work though, can be lost in an instant if they face allegations and subsequent charges of wrongdoing, even before those allegations are proven in a court of law.

This may perhaps be the case for a father-daughter duo who have been indicted on 334 counts in Ohio recently. The 59-year-old father was a former internet technology director of a county auditor's office and the daughter was the owner and operator of a technology firm. According to authorities, the father was diverting money to his daughter through a number of bank transactions and invoices and the irregularities were brought to light by another employee in the auditor's office. According to authorities, the two are accused of illegally diverting around $1.8 million in about eight years.

What's the time limit for white collar criminal charges?

When one has been charged with committing a white collar crime, it is the prosecutor's job to prove every element of the case and rebut the defenses the accused puts forth. This also means it is their duty to ensure that the statute of limitations has not run on the case.

All non-capital cases in Ohio have a time limit within which the charges must be filed. After that time has elapsed, a person cannot be charged for doing a certain act. These limits exist so that potential defendants don't have to worry about the threat of charges indefinitely and that evidence and eyewitness testimony can remain infallible. The statute of limitations depends on the type of charges one is facing and if a combination of crimes were committed, the time might be extended.

Fighting charges of real estate fraud

Real estate is often a safe and familiar type of investment. The average person can dive into the world of purchasing property and learn along the way, unlike other types of investment that require some knowledge and understanding to be profitable. Even if you purchase Ohio real estate with the sole intention of owning a home, you will have lenders, realtors, appraisers and others to answer your questions and offer advice.

While it may be possible to go into real estate blindly, without a basic understanding of the mortgage process, you may be one of the many who end up in legal trouble by following questionable advice. In some cases, the guidance you receive may seem valuable if it saves you or even makes you money. However, you may end up in a mortgage fraud scheme that could cost you dearly.

Does one of these drug possession defenses apply to you?

Anytime you encounter police, it can be a disorienting and frightening experience. Whether it was during a traffic stop or some other event that led to you being arrested on suspicion of drug possession, you should take the situation seriously.

Even if you think the situation is dire, that does not mean you should simply accept that prosecutors would secure a conviction against you. Your situation may fit into one of several common drug possession defenses.

What must be shown to prove money-laundering?

When a prosecutor is charging an individual with committing a white-collar crime, they must prove all the elements of the crime were committed by the person being accused of it. Different crimes have different intent requirements that must be fulfilled and, if they are not, the crime cannot be proven. For example, a string of judgments in 2008 clarified the requirements of the federal crime of money laundering.

Money laundering is a financial crime. In an effort to hide the identity, source and destination of money that was obtained illegally, the financial transaction scheme that is concocted is referred to as money laundering. It involves an illegal activity through which the money reaches the suspect's hands, then the scheme of financial transactions the money goes through to hide the identity of the person who received the money and finally the return of the money in an indirect way into the suspect's hands.

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