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What is advance fee fraud?

Many people make money on various investments. In the vast majority of cases, this is an ordinary thing to do. Sometimes, investments work out, and at other times, they do not yield the profit expected and may even be a total wash.

While it is unfortunate when people lose money on their investments, particularly as they approach retirement age, a bad investment does not necessarily mean anyone did anything wrong or criminal.

Lawsuit alleges area court violated Constitution

A lawsuit in federal court accuses a local Ohio court, along with the judge of that court and an Ohio city near Cincinnati, of violating the constitutional rights of several defendants.

Specifically, the court is accused of effectively allowing the police to hold people in jail without either setting a bond automatically or arranging for the suspect to appear before the judge so that a bond could be set.

Opioids, meth lead to increase in crimes

The world of dangerous drug use, such as opioids and methamphetamines, is ensnaring more individuals in Ohio and across the country. Opioid use, including prescription drugs and heroin, has been epidemic, and few families are untouched by the tragedies that often accompany the opioid addiction of a loved one. Overdoses of meth and other psychostimulants are on the rise.

However, along with the physical and emotional toll the abuse of these substances may take, many families also deal with their loved one's legal hurdles, including arrests for serious crimes. If you are facing charges for crimes related to drug offenses, you may have many questions and concerns about your future.

Prescription drug fraud charges in Ohio

Especially in the wake of the reported opioid epidemic, law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the Cincinnati area are eager to pursue those whom they suspect are involved in the unauthorized use or distribution of prescription drugs.

What this means is that the government will use all the laws at its disposal to prosecute drug crimes related to opioid painkillers and other prescription drugs. This means that aside from straight up possession and distribution charges, prosecutors may also use laws that prohibit the use of false or forged prescription as prosecution tools.

Restitution orders in Ohio criminal cases

In addition to jail and other penalties, a person who is accused of crimes related to embezzlement or money laundering also faces the strong possibility of being ordered to pay restitution.

For those Cincinnati residents who might not know, restitution is the name for a court order, in a criminal case, directed to a defendant and requiring him or her to pay back certain amounts to the victim of a crime. For instance, in an embezzlement case, a person convicted will be expected to repay stolen funds, so long as the victim can adequately account for them.

Elements of bribery under Ohio law

While Cincinnati residents may think of bribery as involving organized crime bosses paying off police in cash to look the other way while they carry on their criminal activities, the term actually encompasses a lot of other types of behavior as well.

In fact, if one examines Ohio's laws against bribery, one might be able to see how even an upstanding citizen can wind up facing allegations that he or she violated these laws.

Botched arrest illustrates problems with controlled buys

Many people might think that a controlled drug buy is a slam dunk for law enforcement. For those who do not know, a controlled buy is one set up by police using either an undercover officer or a confidential informant, oftentimes someone who is getting paid or who is trying to get leniency for pending charges.

Usually, police will videotape or record the drug transaction and carefully document the sale by a variety of means, all with the aim of getting a conviction over an alleged dealer for various drug crimes.

Will the government really throw movie pirates in jail?

Many people in Cincinnati have likely seen the notice that flashes up before every movie warning that copying the show and then redistributing it can be punished as a federal crime.

Given the prevalence of pirated movies, television shows, music and the like, however, few people may take such warnings seriously, thinking that the worst that can happen is that someone will be told to stop distributing pirated copies and, quite possibly, be ordered to pay appropriate royalties.

Is it mortgage fraud to make a downpayment with a 2nd mortgage?

After searching for and finding the perfect home here in Cincinnati, you then began working with a mortgage lender in order to purchase it. When your lender told you that you had to put down anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of the purchase price, it probably shocked you.

You saved up some cash in anticipation of finding a house to buy, but nowhere near what the lender required you to put down. As you looked for alternatives, someone told you about taking out a second mortgage to cover the down payment.

We represent those accused of financial crimes

Previous posts on this blog have discussed various federal and state criminal charges that Cincinnati, Ohio, residents can face and that generally speaking have to do with how one handled his or her finances.

For example, embezzlement usually involves the theft, by deceit or trickery, of money from another person or even a business. Beyond just helping one's self to what is in a store's cash register, embezzlement usually involves some plan or cover up, such as faking bills and then writing seemingly legitimate company checks to pay them and then funneling those funds.

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