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Did police violate protocol during your arrest?

If police have arrested you and charged you with allegations relating to drug crimes, you may understandably feel out of your element. After all, you may not have extensive knowledge of criminal law or what to expect as far as how your case will proceed. You likely already went through the booking process and release on bail or bond, and now, you may want to understand what type of criminal defense strategies could work in your favor.

The exact defense tactics that could work for you depend on the exact circumstances of your ordeal. However, it is important to remember that even small details could make a significant difference in your case. As a result, you may want to ensure that you closely assess the events that occurred during your arrest, including how the officers involved behaved.

Could you face charges of tax fraud or tax evasion?

As we approach the end of February, Ohio taxpayers are preparing for the next season soon to be upon us. No, we're not talking about springtime, as the frigid temperatures warn us that winter will be with us for a few more weeks.

Tax season is looming ahead. For those who will get refunds, that's great. But for the many residents who face a tax burden, April 15 is dreaded. If you fall into the latter group, you may be tempted to try to shed some of your tax debt with a little creative accounting.

A Cincinnati man faces two indefinite sentences for dealing drugs

A 42-year-old Cincinnati man is facing various charges after allegedly selling drugs a police informant on several occasions late last year was set to appear for a pretrial hearing in front of a judge at the Clermont County Common Pleas Courthouse on Feb. 14.

The man is facing at least seven felony drug-related charges for attempting to traffick fentanyl, heroin and cocaine. Many of these crimes are aggravated offenses. He also faces tampering with evidence charges.

Plan a white collar crime defense carefully

Defendants who are facing white collar crimes often have a difficult battle before them. These cases are often filled with a paper trail that takes time to go through. For this reason, starting the defense planning early is usually a good idea. This gives you time to evaluate the evidence and consider the possible options for the strategy your case will follow.

There are many points that must be considered when you're facing these charges. One is that the prosecution has to be able to prove that you intended to commit the white collar crime. It isn't possible to accidentally commit it. They have to be able to show how they came to the determination that you planned on doing the crime.

Five suspects are indicted for shipping fentanyl to Cincinnati

The Cincinnati U.S. Attorney's Office unsealed an indictment on Jan. 15 for five suspects that they allege were responsible for running an online drug trafficking operation. The co-conspirators are alleged to have shipped various drugs -- including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl -- to various recipients in southern Ohio and other states.

An investigation into the drug ring was initiated by the Southern Ohio Digitized Organized Crime Group last year. That entity then joined forces with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI's) Cincinnati Field Office and Organized Drug Enforcement Task Force. It's during their joint investigation that they amassed evidence of impropriety.

When does a tip count as insider trading?

The future is uncertain, and if you are an investor, you may know this truth better than most people. Nevertheless, your future goals depend on your success as an investor, whether it means your plans for your kids' educations, your own comfortable lifestyle or a secure retirement. You may try to balance your investments so that you are earning as much as possible without risking everything.

Of course, it is always helpful to hear tips about the securities that might provide you with the best outcome. You may read articles from savvy advisors, study the market and watch the signs. Occasionally, you may get a good tip from a friend or colleague. However, when do these tips cross the line into insider trading?

Money laundering accusations are sometimes made erroneously

We recently discussed how money laundering and drug crimes go hand-in-hand. Even though this is one area that often intersects, it is far from the only situation in which a person can be accused of money laundering. Anyone who is earning money from an illegal method can face this type of charge.

When you're facing money laundering charges, you might be looking at considerable time behind bars. Fines and restitution might also be possible. Because of this, you need to ensure that you're reviewing all the options that you have for your defense.

Drug crimes can also involve money laundering

People who handle the manufacturing, selling and trafficking of drugs can make a considerable sum of money. The issue that they might run into here is that they can't just deposit the money into the bank without raising some red flags. Banks in the United States are only supposed to allow people to deposit money that's not illegally earned.

Because of the need for the money to appear clean, people involved in the drug trade might money launder, so they can have full use of the unlawfully obtained money. This is when they route the illegally earned money through a legal money-making method to make it appear clean to the financial institution.

Defending against white collar crimes in federal court

Each year, thousands of people face criminal charges in Ohio. A much smaller number will face charges in federal court. The legal basis for why a person might face charges in federal court instead of state court can be somewhat complicated, but it is sufficient to say that when a person does face charges in federal court, those charges are serious.

Charges that are brought against people in federal court often include crimes that are referred to as white-collar crimes. In general, these types of charges include matters involving finances and money. Examples of white-collar crimes include bank fraud, insider trading and embezzlement. The evidence used in these cases can be technical and complex, often involving reams of financial records and results from databases. Often, it is necessary for expert witnesses to testify in order to help the court understand how to analyze the evidence.

Police make drug crime arrest after alleged exchange observed

Facing allegations of a drug crime can be a difficult position to be in. Nonetheless, it is also a situation where the accused can take action to protect him or herself. Initiating a criminal defense could help the accused clear his or her name by dismissing the charges against them, or in some cases, having them reduced.

A seemingly chance observation by officers with the Springdale Police Department has led to several felony drug charges for a suspect after a recent arrest, according to reports. The incident in question occurred in the early morning hours mid December. The reports indicate that the suspect, a male, was observed in the parking lot of a restaurant in a vehicle when, according to reports, another individual in a second vehicle passed the suspect a bag.

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