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Circumstances can determine outcome of drug paraphernalia charges

People who manufacture, sell or use drugs usually have drug paraphernalia in their possession. Some people might not realize that they can face criminal charges for this drug paraphernalia even if they don't have drugs.

This can be a rather complex area of the law because some paraphernalia have a legal use that isn't associated with drug crimes. When a police officer finds paraphernalia, they have to determine what the items are being used for. There are several things that they will look for when they do this.

Know your embezzlement defense options

An embezzlement charge can impact just about every area of your life. Many people tend to focus on the criminal sentences they might face, but this is only one spot that you need to consider. For example, even before you're convicted, just being charged can negatively affect your reputation. We know that this is a serious matter for you, and we're here to help you with your defense strategy.

Another area that might be impacted by embezzlement charges is your career. It is highly unlikely that you'll be able to keep your current employment if you've been charged with embezzling from the company. The mark on your record from a conviction, as well as the one on your reputation from the accusation, might make it difficult to find a job in your chosen field. Some individuals might not be able to obtain proper professional licensing for some jobs because of their criminal records.

How can an attorney help your criminal case?

If authorities recently charged you with a crime, you can understandably feel overwhelmed, confused and alone. They may have already made you feel guilty even before your trial begins, and you may wonder whether a jury will see your situation the same way.

Before you begin to feel without hope, remember that you do not have to go through this difficult process alone. In fact, you have the right to an advocate who will protect your rights and interests in court, so contacting an attorney after an arrest for drug charges or other allegations may be in your best interests.

Restitution vs fines in criminal justice cases

A person who is facing a criminal case usually has to think about several sentencing options that the court might invoke. These include incarceration, fines and restitution. Most people understand those first two, but they may have some questions about the third.

The fines you pay go to the court system, but they don't help the victim of the crime at all. If you are convicted of something that destroyed property or caused the victim to have financial damages, you might have to repay them the money they are out of. This is known as restitution.

Know your options for fighting a drug charge

Facing drug crimes requires you to think carefully about the goal of your defense. For some, this is that they want to fight the charges in a quest to be found not guilty. In others, the goal is to minimize the penalties the person faces. When we know which one you have set for your case, we can help you learn about the defense strategy options that might benefit you.

The circumstances present in your case help to determine what's feasible. These cases sometimes require you to look at solutions that might not be immediately evident. As you're trying to figure out what options you have, remember that your case must be based solely on the truth. It is possible that there might be more than one way to relay the truth.

Drug charges, felonies and the stigma that comes with them

Drug charges are serious matters because they often have far-reaching impacts. You might not realize how much your life can change if you're facing one of these charges. It is imperative to understand some points about drug convictions and how they might affect your life.

One thing to remember is to find out what type of charge you're facing. If it is a felony, you need to think carefully about your future. If you're convicted of a felony or plead guilty to one, you'll be branded a felon for life. This means that you might not have the job opportunities you need, and you'll lose some other rights.

From investigation to charges: Know your rights

People who are charged with white collar crimes often get caught because of how they tried to cover up their actions. For individuals who are facing an investigation into this type of crime, working with an attorney is often a good idea. Your lawyer can help you find out more about how you should handle various points in the investigation. Plus, they'll have the basic information together if you do end up facing criminal charges.

Money laundering and embezzlement are two types of white collar crimes that might occur. While they are different crimes, the defense options for both largely overlap. We know that you're probably ready to decide on a strategy for handling these charges.

Did police violate protocol during your arrest?

If police have arrested you and charged you with allegations relating to drug crimes, you may understandably feel out of your element. After all, you may not have extensive knowledge of criminal law or what to expect as far as how your case will proceed. You likely already went through the booking process and release on bail or bond, and now, you may want to understand what type of criminal defense strategies could work in your favor.

The exact defense tactics that could work for you depend on the exact circumstances of your ordeal. However, it is important to remember that even small details could make a significant difference in your case. As a result, you may want to ensure that you closely assess the events that occurred during your arrest, including how the officers involved behaved.

Could you face charges of tax fraud or tax evasion?

As we approach the end of February, Ohio taxpayers are preparing for the next season soon to be upon us. No, we're not talking about springtime, as the frigid temperatures warn us that winter will be with us for a few more weeks.

Tax season is looming ahead. For those who will get refunds, that's great. But for the many residents who face a tax burden, April 15 is dreaded. If you fall into the latter group, you may be tempted to try to shed some of your tax debt with a little creative accounting.

A Cincinnati man faces two indefinite sentences for dealing drugs

A 42-year-old Cincinnati man is facing various charges after allegedly selling drugs a police informant on several occasions late last year was set to appear for a pretrial hearing in front of a judge at the Clermont County Common Pleas Courthouse on Feb. 14.

The man is facing at least seven felony drug-related charges for attempting to traffick fentanyl, heroin and cocaine. Many of these crimes are aggravated offenses. He also faces tampering with evidence charges.

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