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Assertive Representation In State & Federal Court

Month: October 2020

Are no-knock warrants legal in Ohio?

Recently, state officials convened in Columbus to discuss how no-knock warrants will be dealt with in the future. State Attorney General Dave Yost hosted a bipartisan group of prosecutors from Ohio’s three largest cities — Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. Their...

What is “possession with intent” in Ohio?

You have been a casual drug user for a while, and so are some of your friends. While you never messed around with "hard stuff" like methamphetamine, you see nothing wrong with enjoying a few marijuana edibles or a little Ecstasy now and then. You have a good source,...

Why drugs, alcohol and weapons don’t mix

There’s a tie between drugs and weapons that can’t be denied. Not only is it illegal to have guns around drugs, but it’s also extremely dangerous. A person who’s using drugs isn’t likely going to make sound decisions, which can lead them to do things they wouldn’t...

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