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June 2018 Archives

A review of Ohio's marijuana laws

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the legality of possession for such reasons has been a hot legal issue in recent years. While some states have declared medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana use decriminalized, the federal government still views any use of marijuana as a crime. In our state, the laws on marijuana use and possession are subject to change and readers should always speak with their trusted criminal defense attorneys about their pending drug charges.

Factors affecting alternative sentencing

There are a number of reasons why an Ohio resident may have committed a crime and found themselves facing a conviction. However, it is important to understand that a conviction does not always have to mean jail or a prison sentence -- there are various alternative sentences that could better serve an individual in the long run.

Is refilling a prescription drug always illegal?

It seems innocuous enough-taking a pill out of a friend or family member's medicine cabinet. Since the medicine is coming from a house and not from the street, many people don't even realize its against the law-not just state law but also federal law. As a result, people end up facing serious consequences.

You have reason to be wary of insider trading

If you work in the financial industry, one of your biggest concerns may be finding yourself under investigation for insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission has made a name for itself in putting people in prison for engaging in this activity.

Types of identity theft

Identity theft is a form of fraud that is becoming increasingly more common, which may be one of the reasons it is being dealt with harshly in the courts. According to the Identity Fraud Study of 2017, identity thieves have stolen over $107 billion in the last six years.

Income tax fraud or carelessness?

The laws surrounding taxation are so complex in the country that one cannot fault Ohio residents for getting confused when going through the relevant paperwork. Many end up making a mistake while trying to comply with the law and the question that comes up then is: is it income tax fraud or negligence?

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