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Assertive Representation In State & Federal Court


What clients are saying about Arenstein and Gallagher:

“I came across Mr. Gallagher in a true desperate time, I had open warrants and walked into a court room with Bill and trusted him and I walked right back out with a dismissal and one small fine. I wouldn’t trust anyone else he is very smart and hardworking and treats you like a human being, on top of that when I needed him I called and talked to him not a voicemail, Thanks so much Bill!”

– Michael A., a former client

“Bill Gallagher is an excellent master of the law. In a critical situation where I found myself in the path of destruction, he spent an exuberant amount of time saving me from my own demise. He is caring and confident and I could never recommend a better criminal attorney.”

– G, a former client

“Very informative website. Bill is a very knowledgeable and highly experienced attorney. He is the attorney I would hire if the need existed.”

– Barb, a former client

“Bill represented me in a high dollar wire fraud case in Federal Court. He has provided sound advice, argued for the most favorable plea deal on my behalf and was available by phone for me any time day or night. He helped me navigate through an unbearable situation and I will always be appreciative of his excellent representation.”

– K.S., a former client

“I was arrested on a misdemeanor that might have gotten a plea deal from most attorneys. Bill Gallagher put everything he had into defending me. His approach was vigorous, informed, articulate and thoroughgoing. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a serious attorney.”

– Greg, a former client

“Even though I knew I was not guilty of the very serious criminal charges leveled against me by the prosecutor and the grand jury, it was imperative that I do all in my power to defend myself from these false charges. Hal Arenstein handled my case with the utmost of professionalism by keeping me informed of the complicated legal proceedings, laying out a systematic defense approach, consulting with mental health professionals and other experts and preparing trial witnesses. The success of my case was based upon Hal’s thorough investigation, preparation, and legal expertise. I am grateful every day that Hal represented me through some very difficult alleged criminal issues and ultimately was able to establish my innocence in court. He was both personally and professionally supportive of me during a very difficult time in my life.”

– Lance, A former client

“Bill Gallagher always did his utmost to obtain the best outcome for me in my case. No matter how complicated things became, or how many backwards steps had to be taken, he fought for me and for my future. He is the first attorney I would recommend to anyone caught in a bad place.”

– David, a former client

“Bill Gallagher represented a family member in a fraud case. He is an extremely competent attorney and has provided us with sound advice from day one. He has worked hard to get the most favorable outcome for us. I highly recommend Bill for any white collar criminal cases.”

– Rick a family member of a client

“Thank you very much for helping me prove my innocence. I appreciate everything you did for me.”

– H.F. a former client

“You, Mr. Gallagher were the subject of my daughter’s government class. She came home saying “hey mom, your lawyer is working on GPS and privacy laws in the supreme court or something. My teacher Mr. Stubbs likes what he is doing. She said “you rock” lol.”

– K

What other lawyers are saying:

“Bill Gallagher and I recently co-counseled on a post-conviction murder case. He did an amazing job! I hope my loved ones never need the services of a criminal defense attorney, but if they ever do, Bill is the first lawyer I would call.”

– Karla, a fellow lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer. Excellent attorney and Mentor.”

– Jacob

“In our firm, if any of our lawyers or our clients has a criminal law related question, without hesitation we call Bill Gallagher.”

– Elizabeth, civil lawyer