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Assertive Representation In State & Federal Court

Challenging The Court’s Decision

When someone is convicted of a crime and disagrees with the verdict or the sentence, generally the only remedy is to file an appeal. The courts are clogged with the appeals by people seeking to have a conviction vacated or a sentence reduced. Getting a case reviewed is not a hard task. Getting a good result is hard work.

An appeal is critical look at what occurred in the trial court. It requires investigation, research and a diligent review of the record with a keen eye towards identifying issues which merit action. The attorney must be able to understand what merits a new trial, a reversed conviction or a reduced sentence. As such, appeal matters require a great deal of experience to conduct successfully.

The attorneys at Arenstein & Gallagher have argued and won cases before Ohio Courts of Appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court and federal appellate courts. To learn more about our services in this field, reach out to us for a free consultation.

Habeas Corpus And Post-Conviction Litigation

Our firm is also skilled in habeas corpus matters. This is a specialized area of criminal law that very few firms practice. It involves investigating a case after a trial and/or sentence. It is different from the appeal of a case. There are a separate set of rules which govern the filings in state court and some very detailed time limits and a different set of rules in federal court.

Newly discovered evidence, ineffective assistance of trial counsel, prosecutor misconduct, police misconduct and trial court rulings which do not follow well-established precedent are all areas of post-conviction litigation. These are areas where the lawyers at Arenstein & Gallagher have exposed serious problems with the handling of a client’s case at the trial level.

Many times when friends and relatives are unsatisfied with the results from a trial or from the appeals of a case, they turn their attentions to post-conviction/habeas remedies. A law firm which has experience, knowledge and a willingness to do the work necessary to achieve a favorable result is not always easy to find.

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