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May 2018 Archives

Fraud allegations levied against defunct online school

Allegations of fraud continue to plague what used to be Ohio's largest online charter school, as Ohio's auditor claims the school inflated student participation numbers to collect millions in taxpayer money. He is now handing over what he considered proof to the authorities.

The role of depositions in the justice system

if someone is facing criminal charges, whether relating to drug crimes or money laundering, they should not take the prosecution's word that there is evidence against them at face value. Parties have and should avail the right to conduct an investigation into the charges and find out more about the case. If received before the trial begins, it can provide valuable insight into what the other party might try to argue or if the case can be resolved through a plea negotiation.

Avoid adverse effects of drug charges with professional help

There is a common misconception that anyone arrested for committing a crime must have done it. After all, law enforcement agencies only arrest someone after they have gathered enough evidence. But, this is not always the case. As mentioned previously, not all evidence is credible and admissible. Additionally, arguments can be countered and stories discredited with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Facing charges of credit card fraud

Few people in Ohio and across the country do not carry at least one credit card in their wallets. Credit cards are the go-to form of payment for many, especially those buying big-ticket items like appliances. The convenience and ease of using credit cards make them popular and even dangerous for those who may have trouble controlling their spending habits.

Is all evidence equal and admissible?

Much of a criminal case revolving around drug crimes depends on the type of evidence recovered at the scene of the alleged crime. Since facing drug charges itself is so overwhelming, Ohio residents may not be aware that not all evidence collected holds the same weight, and not all of it can be admitted. Certain laws govern how different parties in criminal trial present evidence and how it is going to be evaluated. This subject is important in all criminal trials, and it is a major part of all trial involving drug charges.

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