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July 2018 Archives

Constitutional validity of search warrants

Last week's post touched upon the numerous drug crime charges that two young women found themselves facing after their vehicle was searched with what police officers are claiming was probable cause. It is important to understand what these terms mean and how they affect an Ohio resident's rights.

Two young women facing drug crime charges after car search

Many Ohio residents may not be aware that there are restrictions on the ways in which they can alter their vehicles. Senate Bill 305, passed in 2012, has placed prohibitions on designing, modifying, altering, building or constructing a hidden compartment in one's vehicle with the intent to conceal a controlled substance. Additionally, if one is operating, using or possessing a vehicle that has a hidden compartment and they know it was used to transport a controlled substance, they may find themselves facing drug crime charges as well.

What is embezzlement?

When an Ohioan takes something that is not theirs, they may be accused of stealing the allegedly stolen item or of being a thief. Allegations of theft are serious and some readers may not understand what makes a charge of embezzlement any different from a regular charge of theft or larceny. In most jurisdictions, a person will face embezzlement charges instead of larceny or theft charges, if they held a role of responsibility or trust with regard to the organization from which the item or assets were allegedly stolen.

Have you been accused of offering a bribe?

Whether in your individual capacity or your business capacity, you may come across government officials from whom you need something. Perhaps you own a restaurant and need a liquor license or own a construction company and want to win a contract with the city, state or federal government.

Computer-based criminal charges are serious legal matters

It may seem impossible for readers of this Cincinnati-based criminal defense legal blog to imagine living in the world without access to the Internet. Through their computers, smart phones and even sometimes their televisions, individuals can gain access to a wealth of information with just a few clicks. However, this ubiquity of technology has brought with it a host of problems, in addition to the many benefits its connectivity offers to users. In some cases, the laws that govern how individuals may use technology, and the interconnectedness of the World Wide Web may make seemingly innocuous behaviors criminal.

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