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Computer-based criminal charges are serious legal matters

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

It may seem impossible for readers of this Cincinnati-based criminal defense legal blog to imagine living in the world without access to the Internet. Through their computers, smart phones and even sometimes their televisions, individuals can gain access to a wealth of information with just a few clicks. However, this ubiquity of technology has brought with it a host of problems, in addition to the many benefits its connectivity offers to users. In some cases, the laws that govern how individuals may use technology, and the interconnectedness of the World Wide Web may make seemingly innocuous behaviors criminal.

For example, computer fraud is a crime that targets individuals based on what they do online. Like standard fraud, computer fraud my include allegations that an individual changed, altered or destroyed information to the benefit of themselves and the detriment of others. It may involve alleged conduct that steals information from others or that disables security protocols to allow more alleged crimes to be committed.

Proving computer fraud and defending against charges of it can make for complex legal cases. This form of white collar crime requires careful analysis and preparation to ensure that an individual puts for the best possible defense to the claims lodged against them.

The attorneys of the law firm of Arenstein & Gallagher zealously represent men and women who have been charged with computer fraud and other technology-based crimes. They work to ensure that their clients are given a fair opportunity to present their claims and to fight for their freedom. The law is always changing and in the world of technology, the law does not always keep up. Working with dedicated white collar crime attorneys can help those facing serious criminal charges.

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