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Why drugs, alcohol and weapons don’t mix

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2020 | Drug Crimes

There’s a tie between drugs and weapons that can’t be denied. Not only is it illegal to have guns around drugs, but it’s also extremely dangerous. A person who’s using drugs isn’t likely going to make sound decisions, which can lead them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This can lead to criminal actions and can land the person in the court system.

Both alcohol and drugs can often cause a person to take risks that they wouldn’t normally take. They can also lead a person to overreact or become paranoid, both of which can lead to the person becoming violent or daring.

When there is a gun involved in the situation, the person may get upset and opt to shoot. This could lead to events that result in criminal activity, such as murder, attempted murder or assault. These are serious charges that might have been preventable if the person hadn’t been consuming the drugs or alcohol.

The issue of guns and drugs isn’t one that’s new, and it isn’t only illegal drugs that are a concern with this matter. Some over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications and even alcohol can produce the same effects as illegal drugs.

If you’re ever accused of a drug crime, or any criminal act related to drugs, you need to discuss your defense options with your attorney. It’s best to review these options and how they might impact your future before you decide on the direction of your case. Getting started on your defense strategy with an experienced criminal defense attorney early is a good idea.

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