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Know your embezzlement defense options

An embezzlement charge can impact just about every area of your life. Many people tend to focus on the criminal sentences they might face, but this is only one spot that you need to consider. For example, even before you’re convicted, just being charged can negatively affect your reputation. We know that this is a serious matter for you, and we’re here to help you with your defense strategy.

Another area that might be impacted by embezzlement charges is your career. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to keep your current employment if you’ve been charged with embezzling from the company. The mark on your record from a conviction, as well as the one on your reputation from the accusation, might make it difficult to find a job in your chosen field. Some individuals might not be able to obtain proper professional licensing for some jobs because of their criminal records.

Your finances may also take a hit. Not only do you have damage to your income, but you have expenses related to your defense.

When you’re thinking about your defense strategy, you need to consider all the consequences of your chosen defense. This includes those to your personal and professional life. Thinking about this for each of the options that you have for your defense may help you decide what to do.

For some people, the goal of their defense is to minimize the overall consequences they’ll face. For others, the goal is to prove that they aren’t guilty of the charges. When you let us know what your goal is, we’ll help you to determine what options can help you to work toward that goal.

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