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Tan powder leads to two arrests in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Drug Crimes

Police in Ohio recently found two men in a car, and they were described as disoriented when officers talked to them. They were offered medical treatment, which they turned down.

The police had initially been called by someone who said the men appeared unconscious, but reports show that they did interact with officers when they arrived and those officers said they were awake. 

A search of the vehicle turned up evidence of a crime

After talking to them, the police conducted a search of their vehicle. This search turned up a tan powder and a white powder, along with syringes and other types of potential drug paraphernalia. The police have no idea what the white powder is, according to the local reports, but they claim that the tan powder is heroin. There were apparently six grams in the van. 

The police also got the men’s names and ran their records, discovering that there were arrest warrants out for both of them. Along with the powder from the van, the warrants were plenty to conduct an arrest and the men were taken into custody. 

Understanding the consequences of a drug possession charge

It’s often possible for officers to conduct a search of a vehicle incident to an arrest, and that can lead to new legal woes. Serious drug charges can be life-altering. In this case, the 27-year-old and 58-year-old involved could be facing up to three years in prison on a felony heroin possession charge — and that’s just at a bare minimum. It’s difficult to say what additional charges they may face once the police are done with their investigation.

Incidents like these are a reminder that it’s important to understand exactly what your rights are when dealing with the police. You also need to understand your rights following an arrest on drug charges.

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