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People steal from work when they feel cheated

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Theft is common in the workplace. Sometimes, it’s minor theft, like swiping office supplies. Other times, it’s a major issue, like the embezzlement of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. But there is one thing that many of these cases have in common: They happen because employees feel cheated or wronged.

Not getting paid enough

Underpayment is one significant contributing issue. Sure, most employees would like to earn more money, but there’s a difference between wanting a raise and feeling cheated.

For example, perhaps an employee is asked to work overtime. They do so, but then they don’t get paid for those extra hours. They ask about it and are assured that it will get fixed, but it never does. Pretty soon, they feel like their employer exploited them and does not care about ever paying them the proper amount.

Now, failing to pay overtime is illegal, but many employees do not know that or don’t take the time to explore their legal options. Instead, they use it as rationalization to steal from work. It makes it easier to feel justified for the theft. Often, all that people need is a bit of justification, and they’re willing to do things that they know they’re not allowed to do. Once an employer opens that door, the employee may begin a pattern of stealing that doesn’t end until they’re caught.

Criminal defense options

For those who do get accused of theft, serious criminal charges could follow. This is when it’s very important for them to understand their defense options.

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