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How addiction can lead to theft and embezzlement among professionals

Addiction can drastically change a person and their behavior. Someone struggling with chemical dependence might engage in behaviors that they would never have considered previously. 

Addiction has a ripple effect on many areas of a person’s life, including their budget. Especially for those struggling with an addiction to prescription pain medication, it can be difficult to adjust to the expenses of obtaining their medication on the unregulated market. 

Drugs are far more expensive when you buy them illegally

Pills that may only cost a dollar or so apiece with decent insurance coverage may cost $5 or substantially more on the regulated market. Constant demand and a reduced supply due to opioid crackdowns have led to even higher prices in some areas. 

A desperate professional struggling with addiction might have to make some questionable decisions to afford the cost of the medication they need.

People have to take extreme steps to fund an addiction

Supporting an addiction is expensive. Some people might have on their personal property to raise money. Others might divert funds from another area of their budget. Some people will take money or even physical items like computer monitors from work in order to purchase or trade for the drugs they need. 

Unfortunately, whether you use the company expense account to cover your utilities so that you have income available make a purchase or you take money directly from the petty cash drawer at work, you might wind up charged with embezzlement or similar white-collar offenses if your employer or law enforcement officers discover how you support your habit.

Although such charges may seem frightening, you may have options for a strong defense, depending on the circumstances. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you. 

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