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Drug use is on the rise in Ohio

| Jul 16, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Drug use has risen in Ohio over the last few months, according to the Millennium Health Report. Heroin use increased 35% between March and the end of May, cocaine 26%, fentanyl (without a prescription) 29% and methamphetamine 19%. The use of other drugs may have risen too, but these were the only ones considered in the report.

Drug workers say people are turning to drugs to help them cope during these difficult times. However, being caught with drugs in Ohio will make life more difficult, not easier. The state divides drugs into five categories, or schedules. Heroin is in Schedule One, cocaine, fentanyl and methamphetamine in Schedule Two.

Penalties can be severe, and depend on the offense, the drug and the amount. Schedule One offenses are considered the most serious. Having a drug offense on your record can affect your chance of future employment and education. Many employers or colleges will throw your application in the bin if they see evidence of drug use.

You could lose your driver’s license or your job. If you are a parent, you could lose custody of your child(ren). Going to jail is also a strong possibility. If you are caught in possession of drugs, you need to seek urgent legal help. You will need a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending drug charges. The success of your case may depend upon arguing small technicalities like whether the police had the right to enter your house and seize the drugs. They must be able to prove that the drugs belonged to you.

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