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Alleged drug dealer arrested in ‘Pugs Not Drugs’ t-shirt

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Police officers in Ohio recently arrested a man who they think may be connected to a number of drug overdoses in the state. They think that he has been transporting fentanyl and heroin, and he is now facing drug trafficking charges. Reports of the arrest are very fresh, so he has not been convicted of any wrongdoing at this time, but these are some very serious allegations that could prove life-altering. 

Ironically, when the man was arrested, he was wearing a t-shirt that makes it appear that he does not support drug use. It has the face of a small dog printed on it, and the shirt says “Pugs Not Drugs.” The pug’s face is the “O” in the word “Not.” The man is wearing the shirt in his mug shot, as he stares intently at the camera. 

The man was arrested in Seneca County, Ohio, and the arrest was carried out by the Tiffin Police Department and the Seneca County Drug Task Force Unit. They ran a sting operation in order to pick him up. During the course of that operation, they pulled him over in his car, and they believe that they found illegal drugs in the vehicle with him. 

The man is just 25 years old. Even so, they think he may have sold drugs that have caused overdoses in Ohio. These are incredibly serious allegations if they try to tie his actions to those deaths because prosecutors have the ability to charge him with some form of murder or manslaughter as a result.

Anyone who finds themselves facing these types of charges needs to know what legal options they have. It’s very important to have an experienced team that understands what steps to take. 


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