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Understand the defense options available for your drug charge

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Drug charges are very serious matters, even those that revolve around basic possession. It’s imperative that anyone who’s facing these charges learns about the defense strategies they might employ to fight them. There are several that apply to cases of this type; however, you have to work closely with your defense attorney to determine which are appropriate for your case because your defense must be based on factual truths.

One of the primary characteristics of a drug possession charge is that the drugs in question had to be in an area controlled by you. This is sometimes the point that can lead to a defense point. If the drugs were found in your purse, you might not be able to claim that they weren’t yours and that you didn’t know about them. If they were found in a drawer in an end table in a living room, you might be able to reasonably argue that you didn’t know they were there and that you just happened to be sitting in the seat closest to the table.

Some cases might lend themselves to calling the constitutionality of the search and seizure into question. This won’t be possible if the drugs were in a spot that was in plain view. If there were in a closed area and you didn’t give permission to search, you may be able to use this defense strategy.

Every criminal matter requires a careful evaluation to determine what defense strategies might be possible. Think about the specifics of your case, so you can make the decisions you feel are best for your needs.

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