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Know the sentence possibilities for money laundering

Money laundering charges often stem from complex investigations into specific activities, such as that of a gang, drug dealer, or other entity. When you find out that you’re facing criminal charges for money laundering, you need to find out if they’re federal or state charges. The answer to that question can have a great impact on what penalties you’re facing. It can also impact what type of defense strategy you utilize.

One of the penalties that Ohio law sets for money laundering is a fine. This is set at $7,500 or twice the value of the property that was at the heart of the case. Other penalties depend on the specific components of the case, so you’ll need to find out more when you’re case is being evaluated.

Money laundering is a third degree felony in Ohio. This means that you’re facing a possible incarceration period of at least nine months and up to three years. In some cases, a person might be sentenced to serve probation instead of having to go to prison.

There are several defense strategies that you might employ when you’re facing this type of charge. While every defense is based on the unique facts of a case, how those facts are presented to the court or jury can make a big difference in your case.

Two of the more common defenses to this charge include a lack of intent and a lack of knowledge. In order to be convicted of this crime, you had to know that the money was from an illegal source and you had to intend to try to make it look like it came from a legal source.

Have you been charged with money laundering? Your defense attorney can work with you to determine what components to include in your defense.

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