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What’s the purpose of drug court?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Drug Crimes

It used to be quite common for Ohio drug crimes defendants to sentenced to long prison terms if they’ve been convicted of such offenses. No one used to care if a defendant got the help that they needed to kick their substance abuse habit. A lot has changed in recent years though. Defendants who can demonstrate an interest and willingness to kick their substance abuse habit may now qualify to participate in drug court.

Three different categories of drug courts exist here in Ohio. There are criminal, family and juvenile ones.

Criminal Drug Courts

Any adults that are facing municipal or county drug crimes are handled by criminal drug courts.

This alternative justice program aims to reduce the prison population and recidivism by trying to help defendants get a hold over their addictions. This type of court system also has a goal to keep offenders living in and engaged with their communities. They argue that this gives them the best chance of becoming a tax-paying worker and to remain an active participant in their kids’ lives.

Family Drug Courts

The purpose of family drug courts is to help defendants that have been charged with neglect or abuse of their minor children.

Their aim is much the same as the criminal drug courts. They help defendants ween off their dependency on controlled substances and help them improve their parenting skills. This type of court system also has a goal to minimize the need for an abused or neglected child to be removed from the home. They aim to reduce the length of time of the removal if it does need to happen.

This court system aims to reunite as many parents and children that have been separated by substance abuse as much as they can.

Juvenile Drug Courts

Juvenile drug courts exist to help teens that are struggling with substance abuse kick their drug habit, improve their school attendance and performance and to help parents and children function better together.

Many individuals who become addicted to drugs don’t want to be in such a deep, dark place in their life. A lot of them want to break free of their dependency on these controlled substances and regain control of their lives. An attorney here in Cincinnati can advise you whether you may qualify to participate in an alternative court program to get your life back on track again.

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