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Assertive Representation In State & Federal Court

From investigation to charges: Know your rights

People who are charged with white collar crimes often get caught because of how they tried to cover up their actions. For individuals who are facing an investigation into this type of crime, working with an attorney is often a good idea. Your lawyer can help you find out more about how you should handle various points in the investigation. Plus, they’ll have the basic information together if you do end up facing criminal charges.

Money laundering and embezzlement are two types of white collar crimes that might occur. While they are different crimes, the defense options for both largely overlap. We know that you’re probably ready to decide on a strategy for handling these charges.

It can sometimes take time to go through the facts of the case. We try to get an early start on this so that we can accurately determine what options for a defense are most feasible. Trying to rush through this can mean that you end up with a defense strategy that isn’t as strong as it could be.

If you’re being investigated or have already been charged, we are here to help you protect your rights throughout the process. We can also help you address the points the prosecution is making so that you might be able to make jurors question their claims. Each one is an opportunity to present a defense point.

The prosecution’s duty is to prove its case, while your duty is to poke holes in it to introduce reasonable doubt. We’re here to help you throughout your case.

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