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Police make drug crime arrest after alleged exchange observed

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Facing allegations of a drug crime can be a difficult position to be in. Nonetheless, it is also a situation where the accused can take action to protect him or herself. Initiating a criminal defense could help the accused clear his or her name by dismissing the charges against them, or in some cases, having them reduced.

A seemingly chance observation by officers with the Springdale Police Department has led to several felony drug charges for a suspect after a recent arrest, according to reports. The incident in question occurred in the early morning hours mid December. The reports indicate that the suspect, a male, was observed in the parking lot of a restaurant in a vehicle when, according to reports, another individual in a second vehicle passed the suspect a bag.

That is a seemingly innocent enough action, but it appears that the late-night rendezvous was too suspicious for law enforcement officials. The reports indicate that police officers immediately acted to stop the suspect’s vehicle. Although the suspect did, in fact, stop his vehicle, he then reportedly attempted to flee the scene on foot while carrying two large bags. The suspect was arrested and the bags were recovered.

According to the reports, the bags contained five pounds of marijuana, and law enforcement officials also reportedly located a white powder substance in the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect is facing four drug crime charges and one misdemeanor charge.

In almost all drug arrests, the circumstances of the arrest are crucial to potential defense options. After all, warrants are supposed to be required whenever an arrest or search is conducted, although there are obviously many different exceptions to that rule. In this recent case, the suspect is likely taking a long look at how his interaction with police officers began to see if there is an avenue forward for a strong defense strategy.

No matter the severity of the drug charge, those accused of such a crime should take the time to understand their rights. A legal professional could help one explore the defense options available to them, ensuring his or her rights are protected throughout the process.

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