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Choosing the right defense against drug possession charges

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

When facing criminal charges of drug possession, your entire future is on the line. You may not think the charges against you are a big deal, but any assumptions about the nature of your case and its potential impact on your future can be dangerous. It’s in your interests to take any type of drug possession charge seriously.

The right way to confront these types of charges depends on your individual situation and the details unique to your case. You will want to find a defense strategy that suits your objectives and allows you the best chance to effectively confront the charges brought against you. There is no one-size-fits-all defense strategy, and the right approach depends on your individual situation.

The right way forward 

How can you know which is the right defense strategy for your case? Drug possession charges can range in severity, and the right way forward will depend on exactly what you’re up against. Some of the potential defense strategies that may work for your case include those listed below:

  • Drug possession charges happen if the police supposedly find drugs in your possession. However, you may be able to fight the charges if the drugs were not actually yours.
  • The charges against you may not be valid if law enforcement conducted an unlawful search and seizure or you experienced a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights in any way.
  • You may be able to challenge the charges against you if there was a problem with the analysis of the drugs by the lab or the evidence against you, namely the drugs, are missing.

These are only a few examples of the potential defense strategies that you may be able to employ as you fight drug possession charges against you. An assessment of your case may reveal which is best for your situation and how you can fight for your future interests from the very beginning of the process.

You don’t have to fight alone

Drug possession charges are serious, but you do not have to face them on your own. You will find it beneficial to seek the guidance and support of an experienced Ohio defense attorney from the moment you know you are under investigation or after an arrest. Regardless of the charges you are facing or your assumptions about your case, your future is worth fighting for. A guilty plea or conviction are not your only options.

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