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Ohio women charged with money laundering for Facebook scam

Three women here are facing charges after allegedly scamming hundreds of people in the U.S. and Canada through Facebook. One of the women was indicted on aggravated theft, money laundering and conspiracy. She is set to go to trial in October.

Two of the women apparently created a Facebook page in August 2016 that offered various deals targeted at families looking for bargains. These deals allegedly included discounted diapers, toys and car seats, as well as vacations to Disney World.

According to prosecutors, the women sold items and trips to a minimum of 200 people, who made payments via online payment apps, gift cards and money orders. Customers reportedly received their first items, but those that made additional purchases never received their items. The women in charge of the page apparently made excuses and said that the purchases would be delayed, and never refunded customers’ money.

The two women then proceeded to disguise where the money was coming from by transferring payments between various bank accounts. Prosecutors say the women scammed customers out of over $300,000 in total.

The sister of one of the women apparently also helped transfer money to her bank account then to the other woman. As a result, she is now facing charges for obstructing justice, receiving stolen property and money laundering. She has since accepted a plea deal requiring her participation in a court diversion program. Money laundering and embezzlement is a serious crime in Ohio and can result in hefty fines and significant jail time.

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