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Former Ohio State football player faces drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Drug Crimes

A former Ohio State football player and another man were arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop. Former defensive lineman Michael Hill, and his passenger, were pulled over after Hill allegedly ran a red light near an interstate off-ramp.

The officers on the scene reportedly found a revolver that was allegedly stolen under the front passenger seat, as well as approximately 1.5 pounds of a substance authorities believe to be methamphetamine in the trunk of the vehicle. Both men were arrested and now face charges for possession with intent to deliver meth.

Under Ohio state drug crime law, drugs are categorized into schedules, with the most serious drugs classified as Schedule I and the drugs with the lowest risk of addiction and accepted uses for medical treatment classified as Schedule V. Anyone who has possession of a drug with an intent to sell or distribute could face drug trafficking charges. The severity of the charges will depend on the type and quantity of the drugs as well as circumstances surrounding the crime. Generally, possession with intent to deliver of a Schedule I drug or a Schedule II drug, such as methamphetamine, will result in more serious criminal charges.

Drug possession with intent to deliver is a serious charge in the state of Ohio. However, many drivers are unlawfully arrested based on evidence obtained during an illegal search of their vehicle. Generally, an officer must have probable cause to search your vehicle for illegal substances, unless the substances are in the officer’s plain view (e.g. seen through the car window). Illegally obtained evidence may be thrown out of court and force prosecutors to drop the charges against the motorist. If you are facing drug charges, contact an attorney to find out whether your arrest was lawful.

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