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Drug charges dropped against Browns wide receiver

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Drug Crimes

If you were arrested for drug possession or any drug-related charges, there is every chance that your charges could be dismissed with the right defense strategy. Antonio Callaway, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, was facing a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession following a traffic stop in August of last year, but has since had the charge dismissed.

Callaway apparently was stopped by a police officer for allegedly failing to yield to oncoming traffic. During the stop, the officer reportedly found a small amount of marijuana under the driver’s seat and discovered that Callaway had a suspended license. Callaway was charged with the drug crime of marijuana possession and driving without a valid operator’s license. He pleaded not guilty to these charges, and also pleaded not guilty to a speeding charge from October 2018.

However, Callaway and his attorney defended against the marijuana charge by establishing that the vehicle he was driving had just been shipped from Florida a few days before the traffic stop and that Callaway was unaware of the marijuana in the vehicle. Callaway also reportedly said that his brother who smokes marijuana was using the vehicle.

All charges have since been resolved, with Callaway ultimately pleading guilty to driving without a valid license and speeding. He received one year of monitored probation for the license charge and was ordered to pay fines and court costs. The marijuana charge was dismissed and the trial that was scheduled has since been cancelled. However, Callaway could be disciplined by the NFL under its substance abuse policy.

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