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Opioids, meth lead to increase in crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

The world of dangerous drug use, such as opioids and methamphetamines, is ensnaring more individuals in Ohio and across the country. Opioid use, including prescription drugs and heroin, has been epidemic, and few families are untouched by the tragedies that often accompany the opioid addiction of a loved one. Overdoses of meth and other psychostimulants are on the rise.

However, along with the physical and emotional toll the abuse of these substances may take, many families also deal with their loved one’s legal hurdles, including arrests for serious crimes. If you are facing charges for crimes related to drug offenses, you may have many questions and concerns about your future.

The dangers of distribution

Police make every effort to direct individuals with addictions to treatment, even visiting your home to check up on you the day after they respond to an overdose. However, with drug-related crime on the rise, police are also cracking down in areas of the state where drug trafficking is common. It is not unusual for drug users to turn to selling to support their habit, and the penalties for distribution can include years in prison.

Because of the harsh penalties for manufacturing meth, most of what you may find on Ohio streets comes from Mexico. Additionally, manufacturers and distributors cut more psychostimulants with Fentanyl, which can quickly turn an overdose deadly. If you are involved in distributing drugs, even just sharing yours with a friend, you may face criminal charges if that friend dies from an overdose of Fentanyl.

Other crimes related to drug use

If meth is your drug of choice, you may be aware of how the drug affects your behavior. Police see more violence associated with meth users than among those who use opioids. The overpowering hold the drug may have on a person can result in any of the following situations:

  • Robbery or theft
  • Arguments that quickly escalate to fights
  • Endangering children in the home
  • The injury or death of those involved in traffic accidents while a driver is under the influence of drugs
  • Murder or manslaughter

Police say the crime rate has fallen, but the involvement of drugs in crimes continues to rise, and the increasing presence of meth in the state may be responsible for the record number of violent crimes. If an addiction to drugs has caused your world to begin spiraling out of control, seeking help is the most important step you can take toward regaining control of all areas of your life.

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