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Don’t go through the criminal justice system alone

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Drug Crimes

A previous post highlighted how lightly many individuals take the term ‘misdemeanor’ and accept criminal charges, including those related to drug crimes, classified as such. However, even the slightest blemish on one’s record can have long-term repercussions-it can prevent someone from getting the job they want, live in the building they have been coveting and even play a role in child custody and visitation disputes.

Additionally, the financial costs add up-court fees, costs of coming to and fro the court and even lost employment opportunities while someone was waiting in prison for their day in court. Those proposing to push a criminal charge to a misdemeanor do not mention all of these factors and as a result Ohio residents may rush to accept a settlement that is not beneficial for them in the long run.

In these instances, it is very important to have someone fighting for your rights in your corner. The lawyers at Arenstein and Gallagher have more than 60 years of experience in doing just that-protecting individuals from criminal charges. We analyze each case on its own merits and discuss it with our clients to align their expectations with reality. While some cases may benefit from going to trial, others may not. But we do not rush to court or to accept a plea without considering all the factors and our client’s wishes.

For more information on how we fight criminal charges, including those related to drug crimes, visit our page. It helps to have someone who understands the criminal justice system on one’s side when fighting criminal charges. We work hard to understand the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and defendants should consider their rights and options.

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