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Man accused of bringing drugs into jail

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Sometimes, one mistake snowballs into another and without realizing it, someone can turn a bad situation into a worse one. An example of this is running away from the scene of the crime or accident that one might be accused of partaking in. This is perhaps the predicament a 39-year-old man in Ohio finds himself in, as he faces multiple charges associated with bringing drugs into a jail after getting arrested. These charges are in addition to the original ones he is facing, relating to the crimes he was arrested for.

According to the charging document, the accused was a passenger inside a vehicle during a traffic stop. The accused told the driver and another passenger that he had a weapon on him and did not want to be arrested with it on him. Allegedly, he put the weapon behind the driver’s seat and ran away from the vehicle on foot. According to officers, they then proceeded to search the area and upon finding the accused, he mentioned he had an outstanding warrant, which is why he didn’t want to have a weapon on his person. His arrest included complaints of parole violation, fugitive from justice warrant, resisting arrest and having weapons under disability.

He was allegedly warned to inform police officers of any drugs or weapons he had on his person prior to entering the jail. He supposedly told the officers he didn’t have anything, but officers allegedly found a small baggy of crystal methamphetamine in one of the accused’s pants. As a result, he was indicted with illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse into the grounds of a specified governmental facility and aggravated possession of drugs.

Each of these charges individually mean serious penalties-add them together and someone facing these charges relating to drug crimes might find themselves in jail for a long time. This is why these charges should be taken seriously and dealt aggressively from the onset with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

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