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Don’t go through a criminal trial without voicing your story

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Ohio residents going through the criminal justice system often feel that their side of the events are either not heard or not given any credence. With enforcement officials adding to the alleged list of infractions and prosecutions working on developing a strategy to present the controversial facts in an unfavorable manner, it might feel like everyone is lining up against the person accused of committing the crimes in question.

With the charges piling up and the weight of the unknown daunting, it could be tempting to accept plea deals or reduced charges just to avoid going through an overwhelming justice system where it seems no one will believe the accused. Even taking a plea deal could leave a mark on one’s record that would possibly affect future employment opportunities, residential locations and even child custody determinations. Fighting for one’s rights in a trial is one way to protect one’s rights and this is what the lawyers at Arenstein and Gallagher strive to do for their clients.

We take time out to listen to our clients to understand their perspective and what they expect from the trial. While we use our experience of over 60 years to fight charges, including serious drug charges discussed in last week’s post, we also paint a realistic picture for our clients as to what the outcomes can be and how best to devise a strategy to achieve it. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome, whether that is through litigation or other means.

One does not have to go through the criminal justice system alone. Exercising one’s right to legal counsel can ensure that the accused gets their version of the story out there and have it supported by relevant evidence. For more information on drug crime defenses, visit our page.

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