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Hundreds of money laundering charges for father, daughter

It takes years for hardworking individuals to create a name for themselves in business circles and establish themselves as competitive and reputable businesses. All of the hard work though, can be lost in an instant if they face allegations and subsequent charges of wrongdoing, even before those allegations are proven in a court of law.

This may perhaps be the case for a father-daughter duo who have been indicted on 334 counts in Ohio recently. The 59-year-old father was a former internet technology director of a county auditor’s office and the daughter was the owner and operator of a technology firm. According to authorities, the father was diverting money to his daughter through a number of bank transactions and invoices and the irregularities were brought to light by another employee in the auditor’s office. According to authorities, the two are accused of illegally diverting around $1.8 million in about eight years.

The indictment alleges that they were engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity, money laundering and aggravated theft of around $1.8 million. The father was also charged with theft in office and unlawful interest in public office, with the daughter charged with conspiring to commit the same offenses. Additionally, since the corrupt activity they are accused of committing falls under Ohio’s racketeering law, liens have also been filed against their property in various counties.

Embezzlement charges such as those of money laundering should be treated seriously, as the repercussions can be serious, as demonstrated by the above. An indictment often means the criminal trial will likely proceed quickly and familiarity with the system is important for an effective defense.

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