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Avoid penalties for drug crimes with a strong advocate’s help

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Ohio, like a majority of the states, is strict on drug crimes. As noted previously on this blog, the rising drug crisis in the country has pushed authorities to strictly penalize even minor drug related infractions, causing people to face long-term consequences for minor crimes. Consequences can include not only prison time and fines, but could also include the suspension of driving privileges.

The law regarding drug crimes is confusing though — certain paraphernalia may be legal in some contexts while illegal in others. Similarly, someone may not even be aware that the prescription they are carrying is not an original one or they may not know that the drug they are ingesting is a controlled substance. When facing drug crimes, it is important to have someone by your side who can explain the law to you and can also be a strong advocate for you. Lawyers at our firm do just that for our clients.

We aggressively pursue all avenues of investigation and understand that authorities may utilize dubious methods of gathering evidence and questioning suspects. Our years of experience have familiarized us with the prosecution’s strategies, giving us the option of devising a criminal defense that would anticipate their next move and can challenge any investigatory conduct that runs afoul of the laws protecting the rights of those accused.

Everyone’s situation is unique-not everyone may prefer going through the criminal justice system. We take the time to understand everyone’s individual circumstances and provide realistic expectations about the outcome and discuss alternative options as well. For more on drug crimes, visit our page.

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