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100 indicted in drug crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Drug Crimes

As has been mentioned before on the Cincinnati Federal Crimes Blog, an indictment indicates a speedier criminal trial. A grand jury is charged with determining whether there is adequate reason for bringing criminal charges against an individual and when the indictment is granted, it allows the government to continue prosecution against the accused individual. Since the grand jury has already seen the evidence and decided to proceed against the accused, there is an assumption that the evidence must be strong.

Ohio saw a 756-page indictment against 100 people, all related to drug crimes. The huge drug trafficking investigation took place this week and the Attorney General’s office claims the alleged ring operated primarily between Cuyahoga and Columbiana. According to them, around one million potentially fatal doses of carfentanil and around 350,000 potentially fatal doses of fentanyl in one of these counties alone. According to some officials, it may be the biggest case in Columbiana’s history.

The suspected are accused of trafficking a number of drugs, including heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and cerfentanil. Of the list of suspects, 22 have been arrested, including two of the alleged four gang leaders. Of the two arrested ringleaders, one is 46-years-old and one is 28-years-old. The investigation is underway and more arrests are being made.

As authorities begin celebrating the bust of what they consider the biggest drug operations to date, it is also important to keep in mind they may want to make an example of those arrested by pushing for heavy penalties. In circumstances like this, when one is facing serious drug charges, it is also important to ensure authorities have followed the law to the letter and have not compromised the accused’s rights in any way. An experienced attorney may be able to study one’s case and formulate an aggressive defense strategy.

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