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Know the difference between different drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Drug Crimes

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In the realm of criminal drug charges, a big difference can exist in terms of punishments based on the type of charge a person faces. From paraphernalia charges to distribution charges, this post will touch on some of the different drung-based legal dilemmas Ohio residents may face.

A paraphernalia charge may be based on the alleged possession of illegal drug-related materials. Items that may be used to smoke, inject or otherwise consume illicit substances may be considered paraphernalia. Similarly, a drug possession charge is based on the alleged possession of an illegal substance by an individual. Both paraphernalia and possession charges can result in serious consequences if convictions are secured.

Drug manufacturing charges are more serious, though. These charges allege that a person is involved in the creation of illegal drugs and for this reason these crimes are generally penalized more harshly than those based on simple possession.

Drug distribution charges involve claims that a person has allegedly taken part in the commerce of an illegal drug. Distribution or trafficking charges are also severely punished when individuals are convicted of their alleged crimes.

All drug charges are serious and all individuals facing drug charges can benefit from getting legal help with their significant challenges. The type of drug charge that a person faces can change the strategy that they may employ when they take on their charges at trial.

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