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Experienced counsel could help fight identity theft penalties

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

People facing criminal charges often feel like they have been punished without ever even going through the criminal justice system. Those who have been through it and are cleared of any wrongdoing feel like they have been penalized even though they are not guilty. Beginning from the initial arrest down to the time one is acquitted, people face many repercussions socially, financially, emotionally or even physically.

Whether the charges stem from white-collar crimes or violent crimes, the media begins smearing one’s reputation and people begin assuming the worst. Feeling overwhelmed by the system, many people forget they have basic rights they can avail, including the right to a lawyer.

Lawyers at our firm have represented clients successfully in a number of criminal matters. We understand that the criminal system is daunting, which is why we take the time to explain the charges and consequences to our clients. We also try to paint a realistic picture of the future while fighting aggressively and dedicatedly to preserve our client’s rights.

We understand that a criminal trial may not be the answer for everyone, which is why depending on the nature of the charges, the background of the accused and the possible penalties, we assess every individual situation and offer a myriad of solutions. For example, the penalties associated with a conviction for identity theft worth $8500 could potentially be very serious, as outlined in last week’s blog, and many people may want to know what their options are in addition to a criminal trial.

For more information on white collar-crimes and an aggressive defense strategy, visit our page. It is important to be informed and fully aware of your rights and options.

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