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Mere possession of chemicals may lead to drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Methamphetamine continues to be a problem across the Midwest. In addition to affecting one’s health, methamphetamine can create a whole host of legal troubles. Ohioans who are accused of possessing and using methamphetamine can face jail time, fines, and/or drug diversion programs, as well as damage to their reputations. Those who are accused of more severe drug crimes, like trafficking, can face the potential of decades behind bars and a criminal record that can shatter whatever glimmer of a bright future they may have had.

Yet, the laws surrounding methamphetamine don’t stop there. Ohio also makes it crime for individuals to knowingly possess chemicals that can be used to create an illegal drug like methamphetamine. In order to be convicted, prosecutors must show that the defendant knowingly possessed the chemicals in question with the intent to manufacture an illegal substance. Ohio law clarifies that an individual need not possess all chemicals necessary to manufacture a drug, merely that he or she possess one or more chemicals with the requisite intent.

Like other drug crimes, the penalties associated with a conviction depend on the underlying circumstances. For example, an individual who has prior drug convictions may receive more mandatory prison time. Also, those who commit this crime near a child or a school can face enhanced penalties. If a conviction is obtained, then an individual may even have his or her driver’s license suspended.

These types of crimes are often difficult for prosecutors to prove, as intent is often a tricky thing to demonstrate. However, those defendants who don’t know how to use the law to their advantage may be smothered by aggressive prosecutors who exploit their weaknesses. This is why it is often imperative for these individuals to consider seeking legal assistance prior to moving forward in their case.

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