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Ohio woman facing theft and forgery charges

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

Many Ohioans find themselves in positions where they handle money that belongs to others. These jobs carry great responsibility, as any discrepancies regarding fund allocation can draw sharp questions and allegations of criminal wrongdoing. When this happens, the stakes can be incredibly high, and those who fail to aggressively defend themselves can wind up facing serious penalties that affect their lives for years, or even decades, down the road.

One former Ohio attorney may be in that position now as she prepares herself to confront felony theft and forgery charges leveled against her. According to reports, the former attorney, who once worked as an assistant county prosecutor, is facing the charges after allegedly mishandling approximately $150,000 in client payments. She is also accused of trying to hide the misappropriation from the courts. The woman is even accused of stealing more than $35,000 from a single individual.

Although she has already lost a lot, having been disbarred late last year, she may be going up against much more. If convicted, the former attorney could face significant jail time, crippling fines, and a criminal record that can cause severe and long-lasting damage to her reputation. Yet, just like every individual accused of a crime, she may have defense options available to her. Whether this means negotiating a plea bargain for lesser penalties, or taking the matter to trial to try to obtain an acquittal, she may be able to reach an outcome that is more favorable than initially thought.

Confronting white collar crime accusations is no easy task, though. Quite often the prosecution is armed with damaging evidence that can threaten to put an individual behind bars. This is why criminal defendants need to know their legal options and how best to argue their position. For this, a criminal defense attorney experienced with handling white collar crimes may prove beneficial.

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