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Motel manager arrested after prescription drug bust

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Drug Crimes

A man accused of selling prescription drugs without a license was taken into custody last Wednesday after a Drug Task Force raid on the Drake Motel in Springfield Township. The investigators were tipped off by a confidential informant who had bought prescription narcotics from property manager Douglas Haulman, 62, at least three times.

Prescription drugs, firearms and a substantial amount of money were seized, including cash totaling $3,500 found in Haulman’s pockets during the raid. Haulman has been charged with three counts of drug trafficking, with other charges pending a grand jury investigation.

Drug trafficking is an offense under both the Ohio Revised Code and the federal Controlled Substances Act, meaning that it can be prosecuted at either a state or federal level. If a case is tried as a federal offense, the penalties will be even more severe.

If you are charged with prescription drug trafficking, the prosecution will have to prove that you knowingly sold or agreed to sell a prescription drug to someone without a valid prescription. A criminal defense lawyer with federal court experience and thorough knowledge of drug trafficking laws can develop a strong defense to the charges against you. They may be able to lessen the penalties you face by showing that you did not intend to sell a prescription drug, but rather possessed it for personal use or were unaware that it was even in your possession.

An effective attorney will also investigate any search or seizure to see if it was conducted lawfully. If a search was conducted without probable cause, for instance, your lawyer will argue for any evidence that was illegally obtained to be thrown out. If your rights were violated in any other way by police during a search or seizure, your lawyer will be able to make an even stronger case.

Anyone facing charges of possessing or trafficking prescription drugs should seek legal representation immediately to ensure that they receive the strongest defense possible.

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