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Don’t I Look Guilty If I Ask For A Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense

No. You are asserting a right given to you by the Constitution. Police like to take advantage of the idea someone looks guilty if he or she asks for a lawyer. That is never true. The police are skilled interrogators. They do not have to tell you the truth. The United States Supreme Court has determined police may lie to someone during questioning. Why speak to someone who has permission to lie to you during the conversation? You do not have that same right.
A lawyer can protect you from unwarranted allegations. A lawyer can protect you from an overzealous police investigation. If you have done nothing wrong, a lawyer may successfully shorten an investigation by the police and reduce the incovenience to you. If you have done something wrong, then you clearly need the assistance of a lawyer before deciding whether to speak with police.
Quite frequently we hear “thank you” from clients who have sought our assistance when first approached or learning of the police interest in speaking to them. We have never heard “I really did not need you ” once an investigation has been concluded. Lawyers are there to help you not hurt you. 

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