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Restitution vs fines in criminal justice cases

A person who is facing a criminal case usually has to think about several sentencing options that the court might invoke. These include incarceration, fines and restitution. Most people understand those first two, but they may have some questions about the third.

Plan a white collar crime defense carefully

Defendants who are facing white collar crimes often have a difficult battle before them. These cases are often filled with a paper trail that takes time to go through. For this reason, starting the defense planning early is usually a good idea. This gives you time to evaluate the evidence and consider the possible options for the strategy your case will follow.

Defending against white collar crimes in federal court

Each year, thousands of people face criminal charges in Ohio. A much smaller number will face charges in federal court. The legal basis for why a person might face charges in federal court instead of state court can be somewhat complicated, but it is sufficient to say that when a person does face charges in federal court, those charges are serious.

How do Ponzi Schemes differ from pyramid schemes?

Sometimes an investment seems too good to be true. While some investments are legitimate and legal, others such as Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are considered white collar crimes in Ohio and elsewhere. However, while there are some similarities, Ponzi schemes are not the same as pyramid schemes.

Insider trading charges carry serious penalties

Securities trading is heavily regulated, and people who work for companies that issue and trade stocks are required to follow all applicable laws. It can be all too easy to fall afoul of laws and regulations such as those prohibiting insider trading.

Employee theft can cost companies millions of dollars

Employee theft is so much more than just taking one or two extra pens from your company's supply cabinet. Employee embezzlement, in its various forms, can cost companies millions of dollars and have a significant impact on the success of a business.

What is illegal insider trading?

The duplicitousness of insider trading effects more than just shareholders, as the effects are often felt throughout the community. By using information not readily available to the public to make financial transactions, insiders effectively are abusing the system and committing white collar crimes for their own benefit.

Man charged for using a stolen identity to practice nursing

Stealing someone's personal information or identity for personal gain is against the law in the state of Ohio. Certain professions, such as nursing, meet criteria to lawfully practice. For example, nurses generally need to have a license to practice, as well as a degree from an accredited nursing school.

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