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Know your options for fighting a drug charge

Facing drug crimes requires you to think carefully about the goal of your defense. For some, this is that they want to fight the charges in a quest to be found not guilty. In others, the goal is to minimize the penalties the person faces. When we know which one you have set for your case, we can help you learn about the defense strategy options that might benefit you.

Drug charges, felonies and the stigma that comes with them

Drug charges are serious matters because they often have far-reaching impacts. You might not realize how much your life can change if you're facing one of these charges. It is imperative to understand some points about drug convictions and how they might affect your life.

A Cincinnati man faces two indefinite sentences for dealing drugs

A 42-year-old Cincinnati man is facing various charges after allegedly selling drugs a police informant on several occasions late last year was set to appear for a pretrial hearing in front of a judge at the Clermont County Common Pleas Courthouse on Feb. 14.

Five suspects are indicted for shipping fentanyl to Cincinnati

The Cincinnati U.S. Attorney's Office unsealed an indictment on Jan. 15 for five suspects that they allege were responsible for running an online drug trafficking operation. The co-conspirators are alleged to have shipped various drugs -- including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl -- to various recipients in southern Ohio and other states.

Drug crimes can also involve money laundering

People who handle the manufacturing, selling and trafficking of drugs can make a considerable sum of money. The issue that they might run into here is that they can't just deposit the money into the bank without raising some red flags. Banks in the United States are only supposed to allow people to deposit money that's not illegally earned.

Police make drug crime arrest after alleged exchange observed

Facing allegations of a drug crime can be a difficult position to be in. Nonetheless, it is also a situation where the accused can take action to protect him or herself. Initiating a criminal defense could help the accused clear his or her name by dismissing the charges against them, or in some cases, having them reduced.

When can police search for drugs in your automobile?

No one in Cincinnati wants to be pulled over, but the situation can escalate from a mere traffic infraction to more serious charges if police believe the motorist has drugs in his or her vehicle. In this intimidating situation, motorists may wonder what drug crimes they might be accused of and whether the search of their vehicle for potential drugs is even legal.

Alarming drug bust headlines can make defense harder

For years, Ohio authorities have been struggling to find ways to respond to an increase in overdoses associated with opioids. The situation is serious, but the efforts to fight the problem can lead to news headlines and stories that seem designed to frighten the public more than educate them.

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