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Two young women facing drug crime charges after car search

Many Ohio residents may not be aware that there are restrictions on the ways in which they can alter their vehicles. Senate Bill 305, passed in 2012, has placed prohibitions on designing, modifying, altering, building or constructing a hidden compartment in one's vehicle with the intent to conceal a controlled substance. Additionally, if one is operating, using or possessing a vehicle that has a hidden compartment and they know it was used to transport a controlled substance, they may find themselves facing drug crime charges as well.

A review of Ohio's marijuana laws

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the legality of possession for such reasons has been a hot legal issue in recent years. While some states have declared medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana use decriminalized, the federal government still views any use of marijuana as a crime. In our state, the laws on marijuana use and possession are subject to change and readers should always speak with their trusted criminal defense attorneys about their pending drug charges.

Factors affecting alternative sentencing

There are a number of reasons why an Ohio resident may have committed a crime and found themselves facing a conviction. However, it is important to understand that a conviction does not always have to mean jail or a prison sentence -- there are various alternative sentences that could better serve an individual in the long run.

Is refilling a prescription drug always illegal?

It seems innocuous enough-taking a pill out of a friend or family member's medicine cabinet. Since the medicine is coming from a house and not from the street, many people don't even realize its against the law-not just state law but also federal law. As a result, people end up facing serious consequences.

Avoid adverse effects of drug charges with professional help

There is a common misconception that anyone arrested for committing a crime must have done it. After all, law enforcement agencies only arrest someone after they have gathered enough evidence. But, this is not always the case. As mentioned previously, not all evidence is credible and admissible. Additionally, arguments can be countered and stories discredited with the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Is all evidence equal and admissible?

Much of a criminal case revolving around drug crimes depends on the type of evidence recovered at the scene of the alleged crime. Since facing drug charges itself is so overwhelming, Ohio residents may not be aware that not all evidence collected holds the same weight, and not all of it can be admitted. Certain laws govern how different parties in criminal trial present evidence and how it is going to be evaluated. This subject is important in all criminal trials, and it is a major part of all trial involving drug charges.

Scheduled drugs uncovered in Ohio home, leading to felony charges

Seeing police officers at one's doors may be overwhelming and give people the impression they must answer every question posed to them, but this is not the case. When someone is under suspicion for committing a crime, they have rights they can exercise, including the right to remain silent and they should consider availing them, as even innocuous questions like 'who's room is this' can end up being significant.

What constitutes probable cause?

Much has been said about there being constitutional guarantees for people suspected of committing a crime, and that there must be probable cause before someone can be arrested. But, what does this mean for Ohio residents?

Alleged drug ringleader has history of run-ins with law

It is an unfortunate reality of the criminal justice system that once someone has a brush in with police authorities, they find themselves in the crosshairs again and again, whether or not the original charges were dropped. If an individual even has misdemeanor charges against them, they might find themselves the target of repeated questioning by the police everything they suspect something is afoul. This is why it is important to fight drug crimes charges aggressively from the onset.

Don't go through a criminal trial without voicing your story

Ohio residents going through the criminal justice system often feel that their side of the events are either not heard or not given any credence. With enforcement officials adding to the alleged list of infractions and prosecutions working on developing a strategy to present the controversial facts in an unfavorable manner, it might feel like everyone is lining up against the person accused of committing the crimes in question.

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