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Two Ohio residents face drug charges

According to Ohio law, any person who knowingly possesses a controlled substance can face serious consequences, including fines and jail time. However, many people charged with drug crimes are often charged with additional crimes for resisting arrest or otherwise failing to follow the instructions of the officers on the scene.

Ohio Senate bill attempts to put an end to cheating drug tests

Possessing or distributing controlled substances in the state of Ohio is an illegal act that could result in criminal charges. Many employers, courts, and law enforcement officials require drug testing to ensure that people do not have illegal drugs in their system. However, many Ohio residents struggle with drug addiction, as the number of drug overdose deaths in the state reached 4,854 in 2017. Some drug addicts do whatever they can to beat the test, from using synthetic urine to using additives to defraud the screening test.

What are some defense strategies for drug crime cases?

Ohio residents facing drug possession or distribution charges worry about the consequences they will face if they are convicted. With jail time, fines, and a criminal record on the line, they have reason to be concerned. However, many drug charges are dismissed thanks to the use of an effective defense strategy.

Permitting drug abuse on your property and the consequences

Many people mistakenly believe that as long as they themselves are not using, possessing or distributing drugs, they will not face criminal charges. However, according to Ohio Rev. Code 2925.13, permitting drug abuse on one's property is a crime.

Medical professionals charged for illegal prescriptions

Doctors and pharmacists are trusted professionals in our community that have people's lives in their hands. Due to this responsibility, medical professionals are legally obligated to only prescribe and dispense medication for legitimate medical purposes. Illegally prescribing medications is a drug crime and can lead to jail time and other serious consequences.

What constitutes a legal search and seizure?

Under the Fourth Amendment, all citizens are protected against unlawful search and seizures. However, many Ohio motorists end up facing drug charges after an officer uncovers evidence of a crime during an illegal search and seizure of their vehicle. If your attorney can prove that the evidence was obtained during an unlawful search, the charges you face for drug crimes could be dropped altogether.

Ohio Representative charged with DUI, felony drug possession

Ohio State Representative Sedrick Denson, D-Bond Hill, reportedly faces criminal charges after a routine traffic stop earlier this month. Denson apparently was stopped for speeding and driving outside lane lines. Denson apparently submitted to a number of field sobriety tests, including the finger-to-nose, walk-and-turn and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. However, Denson allegedly refused a chemical test, according to the police complaint.

New drug bill may reclassify minor drug possession in Ohio

All across the nation, lawmakers are making an impact on criminal justice reform, particularly when it comes to minor drug crimes. Many people in possession of drugs for their own personal addictions have been charged with felonies in the state of Ohio. However, lawmakers recently introduced Senate Bill 3 in an effort to make many minor drug possession charges misdemeanors rather than felonies. Lawmakers hope the Senate passes the bill by June of this year.

Drug charges dropped against Browns wide receiver

If you were arrested for drug possession or any drug-related charges, there is every chance that your charges could be dismissed with the right defense strategy. Antonio Callaway, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, was facing a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession following a traffic stop in August of last year, but has since had the charge dismissed.

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