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Can I keep my license after an alcohol-related incident?

Drivers who face charges related to a violation of Ohio alcohol or drug laws could face serious penalties. One of these penalties includes the loss of driving privileges. The duration of any license suspension depends on the nature of the crime and the defendant's criminal history.

A strong defense when facing drug charges

Drug charges will have significant impact on your life. The potential consequences that you are facing are significant, but a conviction is not your only possible outcome. When facing charges for any type of drug crime in Ohio, you would be wise to take the first steps toward a strong defense.

The serious consequences of white collar crime charges

The term "white collar" is synonymous with criminal activity and fraud that is committed for financial gain, most often committed by business or government professionals. White collar crimes are not violent crimes, but if convicted, a person could face significant penalties.

Federal Drug Cases and Safety Valve Sentence Reductions

Many times people who are involved in a federal drug case of have a loved on who is facing federal drug charges hear he/she might be "safety valve eligible" but do not know what this means. The federal sentencing guidelines are now only advisory and not mandatory for judges who are faced with developing a sentence for someone.

Forfeiture Laws Are Crazy!!

No one who thinks we have a constitution would ever think that we have the forfeiture laws we have on the books. The laws are stacked against you and you have very little recourse.
Police who happen upon money or items they have probable cause to believe are drug related or may have come from illegal drug activity may be seized and possibly forfeited. True. What establishes the connection? No much is needed here.
If you have a drug past or someone you are with has a drug past, then anything you are carrying or anything carrying you may be considered drug related by any police officer with an active imagination or creative writing class under his/her belt.
If the circumstances surrounding the police encountering you are suspect, then anything you carry or anything carrying you may be considered drug related or the proceeds of drug activity. No kidding.
Client have been deemed suspicious for buying last minute tickets to Las Vegas. For buying a one way ticket to Miami Florida. In each case the client had cash on him. Thousands of dollars were seized from each client. Vegas? Rally?
If police smell marijuana it may give rise to suspicion the people in the car, what money they have and the car they are driving are all drug related. 

Are All Defense Lawyers Alike?

Everyone seems to have a sense of what a criminal defense lawyer is like. They picture someone who skirts the boundaries of the law, sometimes crosses it, and has few scrupples. Most people seem to think the lawyers who represent accused persons were at the lower end of law school graduation rolls. They could not find another job so they stooped down to represent the criminals among us. Then they meet one. Then they need one. Or a family member needs one. Then they are "god sent". 

You Have To Know Your Rights When Speaking With The Police

24 states now have laws requiring you to identify yourself when asked by an Officer. This has been well publicized. What is not well publicized is the fact the police must have a reasonable suspeciion you are committing or have committed a crime. If not, you are free to move about anonymously. That is still your right. Police seem to forfet this when demanding identification from people they encounter.

Court Rules DNA Left At Scene Can Be Collected Without A Warrant

When Glann Raynor was asked to voluntarily provide a DNA sample by police investigating a sexual assault case, he politely declined. Police noticed he had been touching a chair and later called a technician to swab the chair and collect any DNA capable of being tested. They did so without a warrant. Maryland's divided Supreme Court found this was reasonable and did not violate Raynor's expectation of privacy. In a scene taken from Ethan Hawke's film "Gatica" police were able to solve a crime by simply collecting available DNA cells shed by the donor. Does this open up new area for police to investigate? Will we see police simply swab or vacuum a crime scene to learn who might have been present? 

How Do You Get Your Life Back If You Are Innocent?

Two men spent over 30 years in prison for a Rape and Murder they did not commit. Overzealous police, a blood thirsty prosecutor and a community willing to overlook obvious flaws in a case agasint two black men lead to disaster. Even equipped defense attorneys may not prevent such injustices. This is just one of the reason we cannot continue to support the death penalty in this country. Prosecutors, Judges and Politicians run on "get tough" campaigns and point to our need to kill in order to claim we are safe.

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