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Previous posts on this blog have discussed various federal and state criminal charges that Cincinnati, Ohio, residents can face and that generally speaking have to do with how one handled his or her finances.

For example, embezzlement usually involves the theft, by deceit or trickery, of money from another person or even a business. Beyond just helping one's self to what is in a store's cash register, embezzlement usually involves some plan or cover up, such as faking bills and then writing seemingly legitimate company checks to pay them and then funneling those funds.

Likewise, money laundering, oftentimes connected to the drug trade, can involve other types of activities as well. It is usually accomplished through seemingly legitimate business organizations and transactions.

Finally, there are many other types of fraud allegations and other white collar crimes that a person in the world of business can find themselves accused of.

Such accusations carry with them very serious penalties, including the possibility of spending time in federal prison. Moreover, these cases are often spearheaded by experienced federal investigators and federal prosecutors, and they get prosecuted in the country's federal courts.

As many Cincinnati residents may realize, the federal courts use different procedures and also may impose wildly different sentences from what would be imposed in state court.

For all of these reasons, professionals and others accused of financial crimes will want to turn to experienced attorneys for help with their defense. In this respect, our law office has for many years helped defend clients from all walks of life who were accused of fraud, embezzlement or money laundering.

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